Village of Kinvara First to Boycott Israeli Goods in Ireland

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A picture of Kinvara I took in February 2013. A picture of Kinvara I took in February 2013.

Kinvara (Cinn Mhara, meaning “head of the sea“), a village in County Galway, has become the first community in Ireland to unite against Israel’s military action in Gaza.

Kinvara’s business community agreed this week to operate a boycott of Israeli goods, in protest against the “ongoing bombardment” of the Palestinian people.

According to the Irish Palestine Solidarity Campaign (ISPC), Kinvara is the first and only town in Ireland to take this collective action.

Kevin Squires, co-ordinator of the IPSC, saluted and congratulated the people of Kinvara “for taking this stand for justice for Palestinians.” Squires also described the boycott of Israeli goods as “an effective and peaceful way to bring pressure to bear on the Israeli state to end its occupation of Palestine and persistent violations of international law.”

I drive through Kinvara when I head out to “Considine…

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