Russian Aggression Prevention Act Seems Designed to Provoke Russian Aggression

Brandon Turbeville
Activist Post

Although there has yet to be any proof of “Russian Aggression” surrounding the Ukrainian situation in general and the Malaysian flight shoot down more specifically, the general public of the Western world (at least those that actually watch TV news) is consumed with paranoia over a new Russian threat to world democracy. In their minds, that threat is marching westward in the Stalinesque or Hitlerian model (depending on the mode of propaganda being pushed that day) with the ultimate goal of world domination.

Of course, this paranoia has been developed and crafted by the propaganda mill of Western media outlets and NATO governments designed to establish a new Cold War with Russia and, eventually, a much hotter one.

Thus, while “evidence” of Russia’s guilt surrounding the Malaysian flight, which is based entirely on YouTube and Twitter, is being repeated ad nauseum on Western media outlets, members of Congress are by no means going to be left out of the action. Indeed, before the drums of war can even begin to beat loudly enough to be heard by the general population, American Congressmen are seeking to craft legislation that will enable that war to take place as soon as possible.

Such is the case with Senate Bill 2277, also known as The Russian Aggression Prevention Act.

Many aspects of the bill, while unreasonable and provocative to say the very least, rank among relatively weak and ineffective platitudes such as the imposition of asset blocks and sanctions against Russian individuals and their family members of Russian government officials, “supporters” of the Russian government’s policies, and Russian corporations involved in some way in the implementation of the Russian government’s Ukraine policy.

Other areas of the law, however, are much more dangerous.


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