Greek health care destroyed by austerity

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Greek health clinic treats victims of austerity

14 November 2013

The Elliniko community health clinic has become a symbol of solidarity for people in Greece who are being denied access to universal healthcare. The free municipal clinic has served more than 15,000 patients since it opened in 2011. Though a valiant initiative, run through donations and volunteers, is it a sustainable long-term solution to the pains caused by austerity and privatised health services?

By Robert Stevens:

Devastation of health care in Greece

28 February 2014

Health care provision to millions of people in Greece has been wrecked by the crippling austerity imposed since 2010. Recent studies reveal a tragedy in which the population has faced a terrible social reversal only previously known in wartime.

The latest barbaric act of the government, at the behest of the European Union-led “troika”, was the closure of…

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