How Russian neo-Nazi anti-gay kidnappers are using Facebook, Instagram and

Meet Lt. Gen. Sergei Pavlovich Umnov (Сергей Павлович Умнов), the police chief of St. Petersburg, Russia.

Lt. Gen.  Umnov (Умнов) is a very important man, whose even won awards for being such a great police chief in St. Petersburg.

So one has to wonder why it’s been so difficult to get Lt. Gen. Umnov to do his job, and break up an anti-gay Hitler-loving neo-Nazi gang that spends its Sunday afternoons kidnapping and torturing young gay men in St. Petersburg.

It’s not a terribly difficult job catching these people – the kidnappers not only film their victims and post the videos online, they also film their own faces during the abduction and torture. It’s not exactly forensic rocket science figuring out who they are.


Lt. Gen. Sergei Pavlovich Umnov (Сергей Павлович Умнов), the police chief of St. Petersburg, Russia, seems incapable of controlling his city’s neo-Nazi kidnapping gang. Or maybe he’s just unwilling to do his job.

So why won’t Lt. Gen. Umnov do his job? Is it that Lt. Gen. Umnov doesn’t think he has to defend the laws of Russia when gays are the victims? Or maybe Lt. Gen. Umnov is simply soft on Hitler?

It’s interesting that Lt. Gen. Umnov seems to have done little to stop the vigilante kidnappings by avowed Hilter-sympathizers.  Russia has a rather proud history of fighting the Nazis during World War II, and winning, after a horrifically devastating Siege of Leningrad in which 1.5 million Russians died. You’d think Lt. Gen. Umnov would have a little respect for what is known in Russia as “The Great Patriotic War.”  But it appears you’d be wrong.

UPDATE: Instagram pulls accounts of kidnap ringleader, ally

Instagram today pulled the account of St. Petersburg kidnapping ringleader Ekaterina Zigunova, and a close ally of her, Daniil Konovalov.  Both were using their accounts to promote the Nazi cause, and Konovalov in particular was using his account to post racist attacks on black women as “monkeys,” and he posted a video of Zigunova’s putative “father,” Russian ultra-nationalist Maxim Martsinkevich, torturing a gay kidnap victim.  More on this below.



Occupy Pedophilia and Ekaterina “Katya” Zigunova

You see, St. Petersburg is a hot bed of extremism, and it’s “crawling with skinheads,” according to an American Russia expert.

And this was verified through our follow-on investigation of our story yesterday about a Russian woman named Katya (Ekaterina Zigunova), who runs the St. Petersburg branch of a nationwide vigilante group that kidnaps and tortures gay youth, films the entire affair, and then publishes the video on Russia’s most popular social media site,, outing them to the world.  (Interestingly, Zigunova’s Facebook page is under the URL: – suggesting her last name might actually be Logunova.)

The group calls itself “Occupy Pedophilia,” has 30 branches, and claims to have abducted near 1,500 gay Russians in its 18 month existence.  This is one of Zigunova’s recent kidnappings, which I reported on in detail in yesterday’s story:


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Russian hate group leader Ekaterina Zigunova helps a friend sell busts of Adolf Hitler, their “ideological mastermind.”

Instagram hosting gay kidnapping and torture video

On Zigunova’s Instagram account, a young (dyed) red-haired woman, presumably Zigunova, poses with a swastika t-shirt:


Instagram’s role in Occupy Pedophilia is interesting as Zigunova’s Hitler-bust-selling cohort, Daniil Konovalov, posts a number of Nazi-related photos on his Instagram account, including a swastika throw pillow:



And there’s even more on Daniil Konovalov’s account, including…

Anti-semitism – note his swastika pendant he’s waiving while being photographed with the Jewish person (or fake Jewish person, more likely):


Rought translation: “Directly Comics # jew # swastika # cross # Antisemitizm # jew # jewish # # anti-Semitic Nazi swastika # # moscow # metro # morning # summer  # evening”

Racism – he calls the woman “monkey” and “n*gger,” and says the train is the “Metro zoo”


Rough translation: “I even liked a little more morning. # monkey # morning # # Metro Zoo # moscow # nigger”

Konovalov is also promoting his “father’s” hate crime kidnapping videos


Rough translation: “Vacation ended) # # okkupaypedofilyay cleaver # moscow # pedophile # safari # restrukt # moscow # # restructuring serebryannyybor”


You’ll see photos of this victim, being harassed much more, further down in this story.


Daniil Konovalov

Daniil Konovalov

But Konovalov goes one step even further.  He also posts in his Instagram account a short vine-type video showing the kidnapping and torture of a young gay Russian, something that under normal circumstances should end Konovalov’s Instagram account.  (This a clip of a larger kidnapping and torture that we reported on earlier.)

One would imagine that Instagram wouldn’t take kindly to its service being used to disseminate videos showing the kidnapping and torturing of anyone, let alone a gay-bashing. But there it is.  And it’s even a bit worse than that.  In the comments alongside the video clip, others seems to be asking Konovalov when the full video will be released.  Konovalov responds: “coming soon.”  That would seem to suggest that Konovalov is posting this video approving of the crime, but also that he has some inside knowledge about the crime.  Which potentially makes Konovalov a co-conspirator.

Hello, Lt. Gen. Sergei Pavlovich Umnov (Сергей Павлович Умнов), are you listening?

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