The Confession that Merck Pharma created, spread AIDS

The Confession that Merck Pharma created, spread AIDS

No modern disease is more controversial or debated than HIV/AIDS. Most disease-causing viruses, bacteria or fungi have been on Earth for millions of years. But something began happening in the mid-nineteenth century that created dozens of new cross-mutated viruses, including bird-human, pig-human, and most fatal and notorious of all: monkey-human, or HIV/AIDS. From the Whiteout Press Timeless section.

Ever since AIDS first appeared in the early 1980’s, rumors have persisted over where the incurable and fatal disease came from. The world’s most respected doctors and scientists, including the National Cancer Institute in Washington and the Pasteur Institute in Paris, rushed to take apart this new virus to discover what it was and what caused it. After decades of research by those two and thousands more, two facts have been universally agreed upon – the new virus originated in Africa and it is a human-monkey virus.

Those two admissions have led to jokes, assumptions and even cruel innuendo over how the disease came to be after millions of years. But absent from the decades of jokes and assumptions about eating monkey brains or human-monkey sexual intercourse creating AIDS, was any factual scientific explanation regarding where HIV/AIDS really did come from.

For 35 years, it seems governments and the scientific and medical communities have been content with letting the world believe that HIV/AIDS was accidentally invented when some poor African either ate an infected monkey, which is hard to believe since it’s been such a common diet for centuries, or he had sex with an infected monkey. But is that really how AIDS was created?

The Coming Plague

In 1996, the young cable TV company Turner Broadcasting System (TBS) produced and aired a two-part documentary titled, ‘The Coming Plague’. In typical Ted Turner fashion, the series took a frightening look at the various infectious diseases circulating the world today that could possibly cause the next deadly pandemic. One part of the two-day show discussed the value of vaccines in preventing the next global epidemic.

It was during this section of the TBS documentary that filmmakers dug up and included a decades-old audio recording of a discussion between a half dozen of the world’s foremost vaccine inventors. Included in the casual, light-hearted debate are historian and doctor Edward Shorter, Dr. Albert Sabin (namesake of the Sabin Vaccine Institute), and most importantly, Dr. Maurice Hilleman – Chief of the Merck Pharmaceutical Vaccine Division. These are the microbiologists that created the world’s first generation of vaccines, including the famed polio vaccine in 1953.

Among the confessions made by Merck’s Dr. Maurice Hilleman are the revelations that the pharmaceutical giant knowingly and willingly injected tens of thousands of unsuspecting human test subjects with vaccines tainted with a host of horrifying micro-organisms. As detailed in 2013 in the Whiteout Press article, ‘Measles Outbreak heats up Vaccine Debate,’ the world’s earliest vaccines from drug companies like Merck contained the cancer-causing SV40 virus, as well as the AIDS-causing “monkey virus”. HIV/AIDS didn’t have a name in the 1950’s, 60’s and 70’s. Since it was a virus that only existed in monkeys, it was simply called, “the monkey virus.”

Dr. Maurice Hilleman & Merck accidentally invent HIV/AIDS

For as plain and obvious as Dr. Hilleman’s admission is of accidentally creating and spreading the HIV/AIDS virus in this taped group discussion, it’s probably no wonder this historic audio clip is so rarely brought to the public’s attention. In it, Hilleman explains how Merck’s insistence on producing vaccines and rushing them to market caused him and the rest of the corporation’s scientists to release vaccine concoctions that they knew contained deadly viruses and diseases, including the monkey virus.

In fact, in one section of the discussion, Hilleman explains to group laughter from fellow scientists and vaccine developers about how much difficulty he had finding African monkeys to grind up and put in the vaccines that weren’t infected with the fatal “monkey virus”. The history lesson details how AIDS may have jumped from monkeys to humans in Africa, but it made a pit stop in America first.

Summing up the below audio taped recollection, Hilleman explains how Merck imported infected monkeys, put them in vaccines for humans in US labs, and sent the vaccines back to Africa where they were tested on unsuspecting victims. It was at that moment that HIV/AIDS was born and the ‘monkey virus’ not-so-mysteriously became a ‘human-monkey virus’.

Transcript of group discussion


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