Expendable, the political sacrifice of Schapelle Corby

In May 2005, Schapelle Corby was sentenced to 20 years in an Indonesian prison after 4.1 kilograms of cannabis was found in her boogie board bag upon her arrival in Bali. The cannabis was placed in her bag at Brisbane airport by corrupted airport handlers and was intended for distribution in Sydney – the cannabis was to be removed by corrupted airport handlers at Sydney Domestic airport prior to her luggage being moved on to Sydney International and onward to Bali. But on that fateful day, October 8, 2004, an already compromised drug surveillance operation – Operation Mocha – was ‘secretly’ watching airport handlers and customs officers at Sydney Domestic.

Operation Mocha was coordinated by former, and now disgraced, Assistant Director of the NSW Crimes Commission, Mark Standen.

In 2011, the former senior drugs trafficking investigator and long-time national anti-drugs hero, Mr Standen was convicted to a 22 year sentence for drugs trafficking. Corrupted airport officers had been tipped off about Operation Mocha on that fateful day – airport handlers therefore did not remove the cannabis and hence Ms Corby’s nightmarish fate was sealed.

But the Australian Government – and every political party – are aware of the injustices faced by Ms Corby, with many past and present parliamentarians in-the-know that Ms Corby is innocent. However, they have let her languish – making her expendable in part for nonsensical presumptions of national security, in part for geopolitical reasons (still more nonsense) and in part because they just do not give enough of a damn for an individual human being (and for those that love her) – but they should.

 The Stringer has published two recent articles – unveiling what really happened, and The Stringer will publish a suite of articles and continue to unveil the whole story and name names.

Part 1 – Schapelle Corby is innocent  

Part 2 – Operation Mocha

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