Argentina has a severe ketchup crisis and we can help


Argentinia’s Ketchup Crisis must not go to waste.
It requires immediate Senate confirmation of President Obama’s appointment of 
Noah Bryson Mamet as U.S. Ambassador to Argentina.

Ketchup shortage

It has not been a good start of the year for Argentineans [sic.]: a collapsing currency value, rampant inflation, Lionel Messi losing out on his fourth straight FIFA Ballon d’Or and, maybe worst of all, the great McDonald’s ketchup shortage of 2014.

The fast food giant sent a message out via Twitter earlier this week apologizing for the inconvenience that Argentineans [sic.] will have to suffer through their Big Mac and French fries without the pre-requisite ketchup.

“The ketchup shortage at our local branches is momentary and we hope to solve it as soon as possible,” the McDonald’s tweet in Spanish said. “We’re bringing in other sauces to replace it while we try to fix the problem.”


Mr. Mamet has never been to Argentina…

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