UK’s environment research funding to help … Shell

The UK’s main environment research funding agency has signed a partnership agreement with Shell to ensure the research it funds ‘can be fully used’ by the oil giant.

NERC comes under the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills headed by Liberal Democrat minister – and former Shell economist – Vince Cable.

The UK’s Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) – the UK’s main public research body into the environment and climate change – has signed a partnership with oil giant Shell to ensure its research can help the firm.

In a statement released by request on Friday afternoon NERC, which spends £330m a year of public money on environmental research, said it had signed a deal which would ensure the research it funds “could be fully used by the company”.

Shell, BP, BG Group …

The three year partnership will also allow the two sides to work together on joint funding and post-graduate training.

In a strategy document published on the NERC website the body outlined plans to form partnership agreements with a variety of firms including oil firms Shell, BP and BG Group.

The latest deal comes after it was revealed that NERC had proposed to use its research work to ‘de-risk’ investment by UK oil companies in the Arctic and Antarctic. Shell has invested billions of pounds in offshore drilling in the high north.

NERC was set up to distribute funds towards environmental research. One of its strategic goals is listed as “enabling society to respond urgently to global climate change and the increasing pressures on natural resources”.

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