Italy Speaker says bloggers of anti-establishment movement are ‘potential rapists’


ROME (AFP) – Italy’s Lower House Speaker has accused the anti-establishment Five Star movement of instigating violence and slammed bloggers on the party website as “potential rapists” following a flurry of sexist abuse online.

Ms Laura Boldrini was commenting on a post on the Facebook page belonging to the Five Star’s leader Beppe Grillo, which asked on Saturday: “What would you do if you found Boldrini in your car?”

The question, which accompanied a satirical video and was taken up on the movement’s official website, sparked a series of abusive comments, including calls for Ms Boldrini to be raped.

The post was an “instigation to violence, just look at the comments it prompted, nearly all of which were made in a sexist context”, Ms Boldrini said in an interview late Sunday on Italian television.[ST]