FARC Urges Pact on ‘Humanitarian’ Norms with Colombia


The FARC rebel group called Monday for a pact with the Colombian government on humanitarian conduct, as the two sides pursue an end to their half-century conflict.

A negotiator for the leftist guerrilla group, Pablo Catatumbo, aired the proposal as peace talks resumed in the Cuban capital Havana.

Reading from a statement, Catatumbo said the FARC proposed that in lieu of a ceasefire the sides establish norms for the conduct of their forces including “humanitarian minimums.”

The FARC has long pushed for a ceasefire, and on two occasions has unilaterally halted offensive operations.

But the government of Juan Manuel Santos has repeatedly rejected a cessation of hostilities without a comprehensive peace agreement.

Santos contends the FARC would use a ceasefire to rebuild and has vowed no let-up in military pressure until a peace agreement is signed.

The FARC and the Colombian government have been holding peace talks since November 2012 with the aim of ending an insurgency that dates back to the rebel group’s founding in 1964.[