Belgians protest against legalizing euthanasia for minors


Hundreds of Belgians have taken to the streets in the capital Brussels to oppose the government’s consideration of the extension of a proposed law legalizing euthanasia for minors.

On Sunday, as many as 200 protesters demonstrated in the city, showing their opposition to the controversial decision to extend the law of euthanasia to terminally ill children.

“It is unacceptable. It is crazy to imagine that a ten year old can decide on his life. He has parents who are there to help him to live, not to help him die,” said one of the demonstrators.

The law, which is expected to be voted on in the senate in the coming weeks, offers the right to die to children who suffer from fatal diseases.

The minors’ parents must give consent and the request has to be agreed by the patient’s medical team.

Opponents say the law is not reasonable since children are not capable of logically deciding about the termination of their lives.

Euthanasia has been legal in Belgium for those aged 18 and over. A record 1,432 cases of euthanasia were registered in 2012. This comes as only few countries in the world have authorized euthanasia with others only allowing the practice for specific cases.

In Europe, aside from Belgium, euthanasia is only legal in Luxemburg and the Netherlands. Switzerland also allows a kind of assisted suicide in which doctors help patients die but do not actively kill them.[Press TV]