Spectacular Pictures of Siberia’s Altai Mountains

Written by: Yohani Kamarudin

Photo: Andrew Kudrin







A lake hidden within the golden firs of autumn.

Kudrin says it was the wild beauty he had seen captured in pictures that drew him to visit the Altai. In particular, he wanted to see for himself the snow- capped mountains and glaciers for which the region is famous. Lucky for Kudrin, the Altai was “only 600 km away” (as he puts it) from his home in Siberia.



He explains: “Many people in my city visit it because it’s just about one day by car and you are in wild, beautiful nature. But the most beautiful places are a bit far away, closer to the Mongolian border. You have to go through several passes to get there so there are not too many tourists and a lot of wild, natural beauty. I saw many photos of these lands and really wanted to visit snowy mountains and glaciers.”
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