Who is who in pro-EU protests events in Ukraine?


Who is who in pro-EU protests events in Ukraine?

© Photo “golos stolitsy” (Voice of the capital)

Many people believe that both the pogroms and seizures which are taking place in the Ukrainian capital Kiev are a logical development of the struggle for the European choice. However, only a few people start thinking today who is behind the above-mentioned forced actions. Meanwhile, all these are well-organized radical groups – mainly, football ultras, professional raiders and militants who have undergone special training.


One policeman was killed in Kiev on Wednesday, January 29th. And the former murder occurred last Friday. The responsibility for these murders was taken by the Ukrainian rebel army, a small group which is operating undertable and which has come to the surface on the Euromaidan wave.

Radical nationalists wearing ribbons with Neo-Nazi symbols and yellow bandages were mainly spotted in the mass-scale clashes with the police in Kiev. There is quite a number of small militant radical groups operating underground in Kiev today. Each of them is pursuing its own goals but all of them are coordinating their actions with the organizers of the Euromaidan events through the social networks. The Right Sector, an association of the nationalist organizations, which came into being at the end of last year, carried out well –coordinated actions while offering resistance to the Berkut anti-riot unit on November 30th and in an attack on the presidential administration on December 1st, 2013. This association unites such organizations as Trizub, “Patriot of Ukraine”, “Bely Molot” (White Hammer), the Social-National Assembly, UNA-UNSO, and others. The majority of them are put on the black list by the Ukrainian law-enforcement bodies because their members were involved in a number of assassination and terrorist attacks, and also in masterminding terrorist attacks. None of them can be called a serious group, and the attempt to integrate into Parliament as a single bloc, made by many of them, ended in failure. Before the Maidan events they were aimed at the local electorate, and some of them were even represented in the city and regional councils in the West Ukrainian regions. The Maidan events have enabled them to broaden their electorate, a political expert, Anatoly Lutsenko, says:

“Before all these organizations formed the Right Sector, they, practically, had no influence on the Ukrainian politics. They were concentrated on the electorate of the western regions of Ukraine. Their unification process was aimed at the unification of their election databases. Even experts had very little information about them. What sounded more or less familiar were only “Trezub” and UNA-UNSO, the organizations, which emerged in the 90s of the last century.”

What unites all these parties and semi-bandit formations is a Neo-Nazi tendency which is clearly visible today. A Ukrainian political analyst, historian, and journalist, Vladimir Kornilov, Director of the Kiev branch of the Institute of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), is carefully revealing all structures emerging in Ukraine. He believes that the majority of ultras in Ukraine are linked with the parliamentary ultranationalist party “Svoboda” (Freedom).

The Spectrum of Euromaidan includes representatives of a number of small organizations which earlier were united in the so-called Social National Assembly. And it is not by chance that they have much in common with National Socialists. They also have a trident as their symbol, which is also the symbol of European Neo-Nazis. They are very closely linked with the parliamentary “Svoboda” Party whose official name, for a long time, was the Social National Party of Ukraine. From the very beginning the members of the Svoboda Party started wearing yellow bandages – the same as the Ukrainian policemen wore during the war.

Of importance here is the fact that the Svoboda Party is pursuing its own goals. The Ukrainian radicals are also split. On Tuesday the building of the regional administration in Lvov that was seized by the Euromaidan activists was then stormed by the Svoboda militants. The point was that one of its floors was occupied by the Bandera militants. It is interesting that although they have the red-black Nazi symbols, they have anarchic slogans – such as ” No to the government” and “Anti-capitalism”.

Another interesting fact here is that the coordination of militants is carried out through the Russian social networks. Vladimir Kornilov says:

“Small structures consisting of 3-4 people are appearing in every small town in Ukraine. For example, two students, the Euromaidan activists, who slaughtered a policeman, were detained in Kherson. They have set up an organization which they called “New Rus”. Despite that, they have the Neo-Nazi symbols including the figures 1488, the Nazi crosses, a Swastika, and a Heil Hitler greeting.. All of them are using the social networks – mainly the Russian social networks – as a means to coordinate their efforts. One can find both the Right Sector and the S-14 Group, which has considerable influence in the Right Sector, in the social networks. And many of the representatives of these organizations meet on the stadiums because most of them are football ultras.”

According to the expert, the Patriot of Ukraine nationalist organization has made itself felt on Ukraine’s radical field in recent times. It is a military wing of the Ukrainian Svoboda Party. Under the Yushchenko regime it enjoyed the government support and was well financed, and besides, its militants who are well equipped underwent professional training in various parts of Ukraine.

“The Patriot of Ukraine, which is the most structured organization in this alliance, earlier was the military wing of the Svoboda Party – something like the Social Liberal Democratic Party (SLDP) assaulters in due time. Some time ago the so-called Vasilkov terrorists who planned to carry out an act of terrorism on Ukraine Independence Day in 2011 appeared before court.

Svoboda is a parliamentary party now. Nearly ten per cent of the Ukrainian population has voted for it. According to information available, before Yanukovych was elected President of Ukraine, Ukraine’s Security Service had contacts with the Patriot of Ukraine Party. And their equipment offered proof. The Patriot of Ukraine is a broad network, and its centre in situated in Russian-speaking Kharkov in the east of Ukraine. And it is surprising enough that the ultra-Nazi Ukrainian organization consists, mainly, of the Russian-speaking Ukrainian nationalists.”

According to Vladimir Kornilov, businessmen often offer financial help to such groups.

“It often happens that businessmen who need to ensure a raider seizure, which is a very popular method of doing business in Ukraine, are behind such organizations.

A scandal involving the murder of a policeman in Kiev has broken out around the Ukrainian Rebel Army (UPA), which has taken responsibility for this murder. But it is not quite clear at the moment whether it is true. Another law-enforcement officer was killed in Ukraine Wednesday.