US considers financial sanctions against opposition leaders and Ukranian gov’t






© Photo: Voice of the Capital

The government of the United States is considering imposing financial sanctions against Ukranian authorities and protest leaders if the violence in the country continues, Reuters reports citing its sourse in the Congress.

According to him, sanctions were discussed with administration officials, and final details will be worked out in the nearest future.

President Barack Obama reaffirned support to Ukraine in his State of the Union address on Tuesday.

“In Ukraine, we stand for the principle that all people have the right to express themselves freely and peacefully, and to have a say in their country’s future,” the president said.

Yet, it’s still unknown why do politicians and western media call the protests peaceful as protesters don’t restrict themselves from attacking police forces with clubs and Molotov cocktails when government forces were ordered not to use force against the people.

Russia has condemned foreign intervention in Ukrainian internal affairs. Krmlin could not understand why foreign diplomats in Kiev had advised Ukrainian authorities how to act and how to deal with opposition riots, calling that behavior “unimaginable”.

Moscow has criticised protesters as extremists, with Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov condemning “fascistic youth” and warning against external interference. Lavrov said that Russia “stands for a political settlement within the framework of Ukrainian law and without external interference” and complained that “the outrageous violence of fascist-like roughnecks is receiving no strict assessment from European structures,” the ministry said in a statement on Tuesday.

The Russian Parliament’s upper house, the Council of the Federation, has voiced concern over the current situation in Ukraine in a statement that a full-scale meeting of the house adopted earlier Wednesday.[More]