How Many Will Die in the New Madrid Earthquake?


Almost two decades ago, I wrote in Dare To Prepare about dire consequences from mega-quakes in the New Madrid Seismic Zone. After Dare To Prepare’s 1st Ed. was published, scientists retracted their worries and pronounced the New Madrid area ‘dead’. It was safe. What a different tune they’re singing now.

“Previous studies have suggested that it may be shutting down, based on GPS readings that showed little strain accumulation at the surface. Other research came to the same conclusion by blaming ongoing quake activity on aftershocks from the 1800s, which would essentially relieve strain on the fault.

“The latest study suggests otherwise. Hough and USGS geophysicist Morgan Page in Pasadena, Calif., analyzed past quakes in the New Madrid region and used computer modeling to determine that the continuing tremors are not related to the big quakes two centuries ago.

” ‘Our new results tell us that something is going on there, and therefore a repeat of the 1811-1812 sequence is possible, Hough said.’ “ 1


Now, 16 years later they admit – in a 180º retraction – this whole area of the Midwest is not only active, but quakes here can have potentially catastrophic results.

Image above right: The New Madrid Seismic Zone encompasses the thicker red ring on the right. However, looking at the pattern of quakes over the past 6 months, a megaquake could also take in portions of Oklahoma and maybe Texas.


Anyone who follows government pressers, which passes as news, knows we are at risk because of their tight lips, subterfuge, nuance and frankly stated, back-side kissing. Their urging is to conceal truth lest everyone panic. No one wants to be held accountable for killing economies (it’s better to kill people), let alone spark riots. The latest edition of Prudent Places USA shows the New Madrid quake area is a bomb waiting for its fuse to be lit.


ImageNo one should live with 200 miles either side of this fault zone including all up and down the Mississippi River from Illinois to Mississippi and from Arkansas and Missouri to Ohio and Tennessee, and regions in between(see map below).

Though these previous 5 mega-quakes damaged property and land primarily from Arkansas north into Illinois, America has built up massively and continuously over the intervening 200 years. It puts many more Americans at risk than in the early 1800′s. In the mega-quake’s aftermath, people in outlying areas will be run over by those seeking shelter and medical aid in addition to food, water and all other life-saving necessities. Sum it up in one word: pandemonium.