American system crushes people: Gordon Duff


The United States government has crushed the American people by decisions such as cutting the food stamp program for nearly 47 million Americans, an analyst says.

“What they’re really asking is people to stop eating and these people are not who people think. This is the working poor and they’re working poor because the American system has increasingly suppressed wages and crushed the American people,” Veterans Today’s senior editor Gordon Duff told Press TV on Tuesday.

He made the remarks one day after leaders from the House and Senate Agriculture committees reached an agreement on a farm bill that slashes the food stamp program for needy Americans.

The measure could now be voted on as early as Wednesday in the House of Representatives.

The bill has a substantial nutrition component, but one of its prime programs — food stamps — is being cut.

Food stamps will be revised downward to save some $9 billion over the next decade.

“The idea that the United States is trying to balance its budget on the backs of the poor well producing military weapons in an unprecedented level well still engaged in war zones around the world is insane,” Duff said.[Press TV]