Kenya: Hypocrisy of Saying Gays Are Un-African

KENYAN literary icon Binyavanga Wainaina blogged at the weekend that he was gay.

A wave of homophobia has been sweeping over Africa so Binyavanga’s decision took a lot of courage. Kenyans should be proud of him.

Homophobia is an abuse of fundamental human rights. Why should any society interfere with what goes behind closed doors between consenting adults? Why should we hurt people who have not hurt us?

The gay debate is often confused with a claim that we need to protect our children. But abuse of young girls is as terrible as the abuse of boys. Paedophilia is a crime, whether hetero or homosexual, and it should stay that way.

There is gross hypocrisy in Uganda, Nigeria and other countries in claiming that homosexuality is un-African. (In Russia, they similarly claim it is un-Russian).

Kabaka Mwanga shocked the early missionaries in Uganda by his involvement with young pages. There are 1,000 male prostitutes in the Nairobi CBD today. One particular Ugandan anti-gay pastor has made moves on gay men in Kampala.

Homosexuality has always been present in Africa. We all know gay people in Africa. They are mostly decent, law-abiding people and sometimes our friends. It is hypocritical to pretend otherwise.[AllAfrica]