Poisoning Chilean prisoners during Pinochet regime

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This video says about itself:

Inside Pinochet‘s Prisons – Trailer

16 March 2012

In September 1973 Augusto Pinochet, backed by the United States of America, overthrew Chile‘s Marxist but democratically elected government. Under his direct orders the Chilean secret police erected vast prison camps to detain left wing sympathisers. No-one was safe – doctors, lawyers, trade unionists and communists were all rounded up in the night. Held without trial in Pinochet‘s prisons they were brutally tortured and many executed; an attempt by Pinochet to stamp his ideological mark on the consciousness of a nation. Dressed in his pristine white military jacket Pinochet chillingly told the camera, “Marxism is like a ghost, it’s very difficult to catch – even impossible to trap.”

From the BBC:

24 January 2014 Last updated at 20:42 GMT

Chile accuses four men of poisoning prisoners during Pinochet regime

The authorities…

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