Prisoner Abuse at Abu Ghraib Detention Facility

Notes, “Around 6 or 7 October 2003, I learned that three interrogators and a translator went in Tier 1B to interrogate two female detainees and possibly had been drinking alcohol.” “I learned that the interrogators and one civilian linguist had the MPs release a female juvenile detainee (17) under the guise of an interrogation and moved her to an isolated cell area and purportedly asked her to remove her top and kissed her.” Was told “that an interrogator and an analyst had a detainee disrobe during an interrogation one evening and walked back to his area.” Notes, “OGA and TF-121 routinely brought in detainees for a short period of time. The A/519th soldiers initiated the term ‘ghost.’ They stated they used this term as the detainees were not inprocessed in the normal way via the MP database and were not yet categorized. It was difficult to track these particular detainees and I and other officers recommended that a Memorandum of Understanding be written up between OGA, the 205th MI BDE and the800th MP BDE to establish procedures for a ghost detainee. [Redacted] suggested an idea of processing them under an assumed name and fingerprinting them but COL PAPPAS decided against it.