Volcano Ground-Warping Could Predict Ash Plume Height

Ash plume erupted by Iceland's Grimsvotn volcano

The eruption plume from Iceland’s Grímsvötn volcano rising to 18 km height two hours after the start of the eruption. A high umbrella cloud spreads out near the tropopause (at about 10 km height) while a lower cloud at 2-3 km height is carried by strong northerly winds towards south.
Credit: Björn Oddsson

The way a volcano warps the ground might predict how high an eruption’s ash plume will get, which in turn might help scientists gauge the impact the explosion could have before it happens, researchers say in a new study.

Scientists analyzed Grímsvötn for the study,, a volcano near the middle of the Vatnajökull ice cap on the volcanically active island of Iceland.
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