West sees toppling Assad more important than ending bloodshed in Syria

West sees toppling Assad more important than ending bloodshed in Syria

The Geneva-2 international conference on Syria has been scheduled for January 22nd . But the list of attendees has not yet been agreed. The Syrian opposition will not hear of sitting down at the negotiating table with Iran but the presence of all parties involved in the conflict is a key condition for it to take place. No important decisions can be made in Iran’s absence, says the director general of the Centre for the Study of Modern Iran, Rajab Safarov, and elaborates;

“It’s pointless to hold a conference with no Iranian delegation attending”, Rajab Safarov says. “Actually, the Middle East problem has not been settled to this day precisely due to the non-participation of such an important regional player as Iran. So, if Iran does not attend the forthcoming Geneva conference, any decisions the other conferees may make will prove ineffective.”

Meanwhile, Syria remains the scene of bloody battles. The situation worsened by a split within the opposition. The radical foreign Islamists fighting in Syria are now opposed both to the government troops and the Free Syrian Army. So, a ban on interference in Syria’s internal affairs by third parties would prove instrumental in settling the conflict, points out the Director of the Centre for Public and Political Studies, Vladimir Yevseev, who elaborates;

“Before starting talks with that largely shattered opposition in Geneva, all countries involved in the Syrian conflict to a greater or lesser extent should meet under the UN aegis to adopt a resolution that would recognize any interference in Syria’s internal affairs as an international crime. This could be followed by a peacekeeping operation to seal the borders that foreign mercenaries have been crossing to get into Syria from neighbouring states. The second stage of the operation would focus on disarming foreign militants.”
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