Ugandan anti-gay bill — a self-contradictory mess


Uganda’s notorious Anti-Homosexuality Bill isn’t just draconian. It’s also a self-contradictory mess, at least in the version that has been publicly released.

The bill makes a show of cracking down on homosexuality, but the life sentence that it provides for same-sex activity is the same as in Uganda’s current law.

Its actual target seems to be organizations that seek human rights for LGBT people, which apparently would be prohibited for engaging in activities “promoting homosexuality.”

In sections that aren’t incoherent, the bill would provide:

  • Life imprisonment for same-sex intimacy — the same punishment currently provided  under existing Ugandan law.
  • Life imprisonment for same-sex marriage. (The Ugandan constitution already prohibits same-sex marriage.)
  • Up to seven years in prison for conducting a same-sex wedding ceremony.
  • A fine and/or imprisonment for five to seven years for “promoting homosexuality” and for anyone who “in any way abets homosexuality and related practices.”
  • Imprisonment for…

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