Afghanistan to free 88 prisoners despite US objections

Officials in Kabul are preparing to release 88 prisoners, even though Washington believes them dangerous and wants them to remain in jail at the Bagram air base north of the city, the board reviewing their cases told Reuters. According to US officials, 30 percent of the detainees have participated in attacks that killed or wounded 60 members of Afghanistan’s US-led NATO forces. The head of the review board, Abdul Shakor Dadras, however, points to a lack of evidence needed to convict the individuals. “The documents we have seen so far provide no reason to convict them,” Dadras told Reuters on Sunday. “Our decision is to release them as soon as possible if there is no incriminating evidence against them.” The disagreement is the latest strain on Afghan-US relations already suffering by Kabul and Washington’s failure to agree on the terms of a bilateral security deal after NATO forces pull out of the country this year.

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