1,000 Report Seeing Fireball Over Iowa And Minnesota

More than 1,000 people reported seeing a fireball in the skies over Iowa and Minnesota on December 26, with footage of the incident being captured by security cameras and the National Weather Service (NWS), various media outlets reported over the weekend.

According to Adam Withnall of The Independent, eyewitnesses reported that the object was approximately as bright as the sun, and was visible shooting across the sky for several seconds before it suddenly appeared to break apart.

The ball of light was also reportedly emitting sonic activity similar in nature to previously confirmed meteor sightings, Withnall added. While it is believed that it was indeed a meteor, that has not yet been officially confirmed.

The American Meteor Society (AMS) confirmed that they had received 1,050 reports of fireball sightings from both Iowa and Minnesota at approximately 5:45pm Central time. Those reports, all of which were submitted within 24 hours of the event, make the incident the third most reported since the organization launched its online reporting system.

NWS official Kurt Kotenberg confirmed to the Des Moines Register that his agency had also received reports of the fireball, and caught video of it on a camera in Iowa City, but believes that there is another explanation for the phenomenon.

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