Symbolic Israeli drones fly over Piccadilly in London

Small drones, symbolic of the many Israeli drones used day and night in the airspace above Gaza to spy on, to harass and sometimes to kill Palestinians, flew today from St James’s church in Piccadilly as part of the Bethlehem Unwrapped festival.

A life-size replica section of Israel’s ‘Apartheid Wall’, the separation barrier which surrounds Bethlehem and snakes 708 km across occupied Palestine, has been installed outside St James’s Piccadilly as part of the ‘Bethlehem Unwrapped’ festival.

Bethlehem Unwrapped was organised in response to a request from the united churches of the Holy Land to other churches and communities around the world for assistance to regain their freedom from Israeli occupation. The festival was inspired by a cultural movement in Bethlehem known as ‘Beautiful Resistance’, in which Palestinians express their determination peacefully and creatively to resist injustice, and it celebrates the culture and stories of those living behind the Apartheid Wall.

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