Australia’s partnerships with China and Japan

China Daily Mail

Australia and the two great powers in Asia, China and Japan – the former already economically dominant, the latter enjoying an unexpected renaissance – depend on each other for their economic and strategic futures.

Here the ambassadors of those countries, interviewed in their Canberra offices, speak with rare frankness about how they view the big developments of our day – and especially about their crucial relations with Australia.

Chinese ambassador to Australia Chen Yuming:

On the new leadership:

“The whole world is watching China, to see in which direction the new leadership will go. I see continuity in many directions, but some economic adjustments.

“We shall pursue non-stop the policy of opening up the economy, towards building a more open country. That’s the only way to develop China, and to have a good relationship with the rest of the world. China has to date been export-oriented, but reorienting the economy…

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