Outbreak of mice-vector hemorrhagic fever reported in Argentina; attacks in rural areas

The Extinction Protocol

May 9, 2013ARGENTINA –   A 31-yeaar old farm hand died and a 12-year old adolescent has been hospitalized in the province of Santa Fe following an outbreak of Argentine hemorrhagic fever (FHA) caused by the viral agent Junin and transmitted by camp miceThe contagion potential of the disease covers a wide area of central Argentina: the provinces of Buenos Aires, Cordoba, La Pampa and Santa Fe, with other strains of the disease in Paraguay and Bolivia. The death and hospitalization were confirmed by the Epidemiology Director from the city of Rosario. The Junin virus is found in some species of camp mice that contaminate with their saliva, urine and excrement, and tend to proliferate in crop time. When harvesters chop up the four to six centimetres long brownish rodents, their blood is also potentially contaminating. Human infection to occur through: skin contact (with abrasions, for example)…

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