March 24, 1999 ~ Another Great Day for US/NATO: NATO bombs Yugoslavia

Piazza della Carina

When on 24 March 1999 the NATO states started bombing the sovereign state of Yugoslavia, this unbelievable and brutal aggression had been preceded by a just as unbelievable and fabricated propaganda warfare in radio, press and TV, initiated by the powers of the West. This propaganda is still going on today.

Even today, many western books and other publications on this period describe the so-called “Racak Massacre” of 15 January 1999 as the trigger for the NATO war against Yugoslavia. The US government had installed the US diplomat William Walker as head of the OSCE in Kosovo. Before, he had managed the dirty business of the US in Latin America, supporting regimes friendly to the US, especially in El Salvador. It was this OSCE who had appointed the Finnish dentist Helena Ranta as head of the forensic investigation commission which was to investigate the Racak Massacre. Before the investigations had…

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4 thoughts on “March 24, 1999 ~ Another Great Day for US/NATO: NATO bombs Yugoslavia

  1. thank you, this is imo one of my best and informative posts

    actually have quite the history of US/NATO “interventions” and such on piazza trying to show the history of the nature of the beast … it gets progressively worse, by worse i mean more barbaric and aggressive. for god’s sake they are selling organs of Syrians before the people are even dead, just injured enough to get caught by black market pirates.

    • even tho im disgusted,i am not surprised at all,this has happened in serbia/bosnia 20 years ago. who the fuck remembers the poor captured soldiers that their hearts were taken off from their still alive bodies?? nobody. because that was Bosnia/herzegovina/serbia. because it was bad Milošević. Because it was the 4th world balkans The known bs stuff.

      • yep, and Bill and Mad Maddie are free to go along with all the other war criminals … although Obama Bush and Clinton have been indicted now, i am not certain which Clinton Bill or Hitlery, they’re both criminals

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