CISPA is back – Stop the law that will affect everyone


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Read more here  and you should all be protesting even if you live in the other end of the world.Simple,because Corporations are all around the world and sooner or later this absurd law will be imposed on everyone!

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@iTweetFacts : All of your personal emails, Facebook & Twitter will be accessible to government without permission. #StopCISPA #CISPABlackout 11 minutes ago


@AnonyOps @AnonyOps : Here is a Blackout template. Use it! #CISPA #ENDCISPA #CISPABlackout 11 minutes ago

CISPA Blackout


@Kallisti @Kallisti : #CISPA increases your vulnerability to identity theft and other scams: … #CISPAblackout #NOCISPA #STOPCISPA 11 minutes ago

What is CISPA and What Does It Mean for Your Personal Information? – Innovation Insights

The Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act of 2013, or CISPA, was passed by the House of Representatives Thursday and is making its way closer and close… …


@RBS_Economics : “The 5 year squeeze” – find out more in our Chief Economist’s Weekly Brief #economics 13 minutes ago

The 5 year squeeze – Economics weekly

Real wages in the UK have been falling for 5 years now. Such an extended slump was unimaginable before the crisis and forecasters have been wrong-footed by the weakness of incomes following the recession. …


@JesselynRadack @JesselynRadack : WAPO Ignores Privacy Concerns In Rallying Cry For CISPA #StopCISPA 15 minutes ago


@Asher_Wolf @Asher_Wolf : Blacked out your website? E-mail @AnonyOps_ at so they can add you to the list: #CISPABlackout 16 minutes ago

CISPA Blackout


@OpManning @OpManning : CISPA is not about safety. It’s about keeping Corporations rich off trading your personal data among themselves. #CISPABlackout via pinupgi 18 minutes ago


@OpManning @OpManning : During the #CISPABlackout take down or blackout your website with info related to CISPA and use social media to explain to others #StopCISPA 18 minutes ago

@OpManning @OpManning : #CISPA basically ends warrants & other forms of legal mandate, think of it as an indefinite wiretap on everyone.#StopCISPA #CISPABlackout vi 18 minutes ago more