The Children Beyond Chernobyl

RTE’s 2008 powerful and beautifully filmed documentary “Children Beyond Chernobyl” picks up where the Academy Award winning “Chernobyl Heart” left off. The film examines the work of Chernobyl Children’s Project International (CCPI) and uses moving, intimate stories to describe how the charity and its volunteers are making a difference in Chernobyl affected regions of Belarus.

This third of 7 parts focuses on the unfolding story of Olga and Christina, two charming friends who live together at the Vesnova Asylum in Belarus, who have embarked on the brave and hopeful adventure that will challenge them but offers them hope. The girls have physical disabilities that threaten their future. With the help of CCPI and a loving foster family in Ireland, they are facing surgeries and a long rehabilitation that may change their path forever. This segment shows the unique relationship of the girls, the love and dreams of their Irish caregiving family, and the doctors who hope to help them.

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Do not forget that it’s the past always defining the future because we,as the known defective human race,we always tend to forget the past.If we remember and if we know.. maybe we can protect ourselves

And do remember how the USSR (back then) government was denying the fact.. till a swedish  station caught the activity,few hours past the event,yet both the USSR(back then) and the USA were denying the fact of the accident that affected millions of lives all over the planet.How many unknown victims of the Chernobyl poject/accident. We must be really stupid to allow a Fukushima repetition